Indonesia lies at the south eastern part of the vast Asian continent. Lying between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean gives it two-different, beautiful coastal arenas. Indonesia is one of the favorite Asian countries to international tourists. It has a wide variety of Asian cultural tastes, wonderful geography and an established tourism sector that warmly caters for every visitor who visits the nation. The Jakarta City is a famous city in South Asia, and it is the capital of Indonesia.?There are three, transportation means that tourists can use to arrive at Indonesia: by plane, road and water transport. If using air transport, the Garuda Indonesian airlines operates flights between Indonesia and Asian states: China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea; major cities in Australia; and Saudi Arabia and Dubai. The three main airplane destinations in Indonesia are: The Soekarno-Hatta (in Tangerang-Banten), Ngurah Rai (in Denpasar-Bali) and Juanda (in Surabaya-East Java) International Airports. Sea transport is also available between the sea ports of Indonesia and other Asian countries namely: Malaysia and Singapore. People from East Timor, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea can use main road connections at Mota’ain, Entikong-Tebedu and Wutung.Touring in Indonesia is calm and comfortable with available varieties of accommodation facilities. There are guest houses, five-star hotels, resorts and gorgeous rental rooms. The guest houses are known as wisma or pondok, and they are fully equipped with modern, homing facilities. Chinese hotels are common in smaller cities, and they are cheaper with fewer luxurious facilities than those of the guest houses. Every hotel in Indonesia displays its charges in public in accordance with the Indonesian law, so it will be easy for tourists to budget for the nights they will spend in the country.Dining in Indonesia is fun and you get to enjoy a wide variety of Asian delicacies. Indonesia is unique when it comes to choosing the specific place to have your daylight meals and the lavish dinner you would desire while touring the country. There are four types of dining stations in Indonesia. The warung is an accessible eating joint that can be found at almost every corner of a street in cities and towns in Indonesia. They offer fast foods and they come along with plastic stools laid under a modified shelter. The restaurants in Indonesia offer many types of Indonesian cuisines. They are known as the rumah makan houses. Modernized and luxurious restaurants, as well as Chinese restaurants, can be found in large cities of the country.Dive into the exploration world of Indonesia and view a wide variety of tourist attractions within this marvelous country. Raja Ampat is a stop for scuba diving activity where tourists have a close view of the diverse marine life of the surrounding ocean like the coral and fish species. Get to know the Indonesian tribes of Lani, Yali and Dani in their villages at the Baliem Valley. Discover the trends in the religious sector of the Indonesians.Borobudur temple is one of the largest temples on earth, and it is located in Central Java Province of Indonesia. The ruins near Prambanan tell an important history of the Indonesians amongst other historic structures in the country. Explore the wide range of wildlife in Indonesia at the Kerinci Seblat National Park that has a variety of plant and animal species housed within it.

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